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McGregor combines decades of industry specific experience and knowledge with enthusiasm and understanding of the latest technologies available in order to provide our customers with the best products and services available in the construction industry.

By using TEKLA, a BIM program to model all projects, McGregor an coordinate and collaborate with other project stakeholders to save time and money in the field.


McGregor can deliver complex projects with nearly impossible schedules on time. Our priority is always to service the customer and to provide them with a premium, safe product, regardless of the hurdles.

McGregor’s Capabilities Include:

Internal BIM expertise utilizing TEKLA software
Impressive track record of major projects in large metropolitan areas
AISC certified in shop, paint, and field
Stellar industry reputation after almost a century in business

To Provide:

Complex Miscellaneous Metals
Light Structural Steel
Tower Stairs
Circular Stairs
Stainless Steel and Glass Railings
Monumental Stairs